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Beyond Golf: Immersive Games for Everyone

Published February 13, 2019

Topgolf games are a favorite of golfers and non-golfers alike. But for some, there’s nothing quite like fighting a zombie.

Topgolf games are a favorite of golfers and non-golfers alike. But for some, there’s nothing quite like fighting a zombie.

We’ve got you covered.

The Topgolf Swing Suite is a next-gen simulator lounge that brings the excitement, fun, and guest engagement of Topgolf to luxury hospitality and entertainment venues. Along with signature Topgolf games like TopContender, TopPressure, and TopChallenge, Swing Suite features non-golf immersive games like Carnival Classic, Hockey Shots, and of course, Zombie Dodgeball.

“Just like Topgolf, the Swing Suite experience is all about making connections and having fun,” said Ron Powers, President of Topgolf Swing Suites. “With Topgolf Swing Suite, we can expand the universe of entertainment for our guests to enjoy.”

In addition to appealing to a broader audience, an ever-evolving collection of immersive games provide new marketing and public relations opportunities. New games, particularly those that are relevant, timely, and feature engaging visuals (e.g., Hockey Shots during the Stanley Cup finals) are an excellent tool to connect with local media and drive new traffic to your venue.

Immersive Sports Games
The action starts fast in Baseball Pitching, as players take the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning with a 3-run lead to protect. Using baseballs, players throw strikeouts for points and to save the game.

In Hockey Shots, players step into the Topgolf Swing Suite with a hockey stick and street hockey ball, earning points by breaking on-screen targets.

In Quarterback Challenge participants drop back in the pocket and try to hit target receivers for a completion, with the goal of scoring a touchdown.

Immersive Action Games
Carnival Classic puts a new spin on old-fashioned midway games. Players have just 60 seconds to pop as many balloons or break as many plates as they can by throwing baseballs at the massive Topgolf Swing Suite screen.

When the bell rings for Zombie Dodgeball, players enter the simulator armed with three dodgeballs and 60 seconds to take down a horde of zombies.

Golf Simulators
Topgolf Swing Suites are powered by Full Swing Simulators’ patented dual-tracking technology, combining high-speed cameras and infrared light wave technology to provide unmatched swing data and real-time ball feedback that is used by PGA Tour Players Tiger Woods, Justin Rose & Jordan Spieth among many others. With over 84 championship golf courses in their catalog, Full Swing and Topgolf have teamed up to bring you some of the world’s most iconic and beautiful courses.

All immersive games feature both beginner and advanced levels.

An Immersive Experience for Everyone
Each Topgolf Swing Suite location features an enormous screen for guests to enjoy a range of immersive games, as well as HDTVs, comfortable lounge seating and food and beverage offerings. Up to eight people can play, eat, drink and hang out in each bay.

Since launching in 2017, Topgolf Swing Suite has become a popular destination for business and social gatherings. Guests can walk in or book a Topgolf Swing Suite for corporate events, birthday parties and bachelor and bachelorette parties.

To learn more about Topgolf Swing Suite, visit topgolf.com/swingsuite.

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