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How To Create Workspaces For Both Entertainment and Efficiency

Published October 31, 2019

Corporate culture is about more than ping pong tables and free drinks. Millennials are now the largest contingent in the workforce. In fact, according to the 2019 Gensler Workplace Survey, in the next five years more than a third of the entire workforce will be between the ages of 20 and 34.

As the workplace continues this generational shift, employers are seeking ways to engage and retain younger employees. And while millennials prefer experiences over “stuff,” that preference runs deeper than just wanting a few perks at the office.

“The demand for experiential amenities is extremely high,” explains Topgolf Swing Suite National Sales Director Stephen Dunn. “The tech industry has really driven an evolution of these amenities...these businesses are creating an experience that attracts millennials who are looking to find a company that matches their values.”

Swing Suite for Business Presentations

Hybrid Settings: Amenity + Workspace

Creating a great workplace, one that matches the values of millennials, means finding the right balance between culture, interaction, space, and behavior. The Gensler report notes that “the best amenity strategies prioritize anywhere working, creating hybrid settings that deliver both an amenity and a workspace.”

The Topgolf Swing Suite is a virtual, immersive social experience that brings the excitement, fun, and guest engagement of Topgolf anywhere. In addition to golf, Topgolf Swing Suite offers a variety of other types of games including baseball pitching, soccer, carnival games and zombie dodgeball. But the technology platform that powers Swing Suite provides a diverse set of tools that go beyond golf, sports, and party games.

“Swing Suite is a very versatile tool in that it allows users to host large-screen video conferencing, Powerpoint presentations, and promote collaboration,” explains Dunn. “It is a powerful way to connect remote teams beyond your typical conference room TV.”

Swing Suite for Video Conferences

Creating Casual Connections

Creating spaces for social interaction helps build relationships within teams and across departments. While offsite events are a great way to build teams, an in-house Topgolf Swing Suite provides an “always on” source for team connection.

“It’s a great way to collaborate and meet new co-workers, and there’s lots of different content so there’s something for everyone,” says Dunn. “We also continue to expand on the features and content that we create to enable light competition and events among different teams, with our leaderboard system and event system that we’ve built in.”

To learn more about Topgolf Swing Suite, visit topgolf.com/swingsuite.

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