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Topgolf Swing Suite Transforms Hospitality Entertainment

Published November 19, 2018

Topgolf Swing Suite combines a simulated Topgolf experience with the luxurious atmospheres of hospitality and entertainment venues across the country.

Topgolf has transformed the sports entertainment world, creating a brand-new social experience for golfers and non-golfers alike. With currently 50 locations worldwide and more than 13 million guests annually, Topgolf has truly turned golf into everyone's game.

Now, the Topgolf experience is reaching even more people at hospitality entertainment venues throughout the U.S. with the Topgolf Swing Suite.

What is Topgolf?

Topgolf pioneered a technology to make golf more fun and engaging. Part driving range, part arcade, and part sports bar, each 65,000 square-foot venue includes dozens of high-tech, climate-controlled hitting bays for year-round comfort. Each bay features multiple target-based games that guests can select from a touch-screen menu, and then track progress to individual players with micro-chipped balls that feed directly to your tee box.

While not at the tee box, guests can enjoy music, beverages, and a chef-inspired menu from the comfort of their own lounge area.

"We're constantly striving to make golf more approachable, accessible and, most importantly, fun, " said Topgolf Entertainment Group Executive Chairman Erik Anderson. "We're thrilled to see more people experiencing and enjoying the game."

The concept has captured the imagination of guests from across the spectrum looking for a fun, active-alternative way to spend time with family and friends. In 2017, more than 42 million games were played at Topgolf venues worldwide with each Guest visit lasting about two hours.

The Topgolf Experience Everywhere

Topgolf is now making its successful guest experience available to hospitality entertainment locations everywhere. The Topgolf Swing Suite is a next-gen simulator lounge that brings the excitement, fun, and guest engagement of Topgolf to luxury hospitality and entertainment venues.

Since launching in 2017, Topgolf Swing Suite has become a popular destination for business and social gatherings. Guests can walk in or book a Topgolf Swing Suite for events including corporate events, birthday parties, viewing parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.

"Powered by industry-leading Full Swing simulators used by pros like Tiger Woods, Swing Suite is an immersive social experience that's fun for non-golfers and golfers alike, " said Topgolf Swing Suite President Ron Powers. "It's a perfect fit for hospitality entertainment venues seeking to expand guest engagement and maximize revenues."

Each Topgolf Swing Suite location features a massive screen with a variety of multi-sport games, as well as HDTVs, comfortable lounge seating and food and beverage offerings. Up to eight people can play, eat, drink and hang out in each bay.

Hospitality Entertainment Guests Want

An accessible, trend-forward activity that is fun for all ages, Topgolf Swing Suite is an ideal attraction for luxury hotels, casinos, and sports and entertainment venues looking to engage their guests in a fresh new way.

Swing Suite is expanding rapidly, with 19 current locations and nearly a dozen new locations slated to open soon. The largest-ever Swing Suite (11 bays and 26,000 square feet) opened summer 2018 at Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City.

"We're aligning with companies and brands that are the best at what they do to optimize the overall guest experience, " said Bruce Deifik, chairman of AC Ocean Walk, the company that owns Ocean Resort Casino. "Topgolf is one of the best in terms of delivering cutting-edge entertainment and memorable social experiences that capture the spirit of competition and fun."

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