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Blackthorn Operating Group Brings Topgolf Swing Suite to Toscana Park

Published November 1, 2018

South Bend, IN: The Blackthorn Operating Group is proud to announce a partnership with Topgolf Swing Suite that will transform the Blarney Hole, located in Toscana Park in Granger, into a Topgolf Swing Suite for Michiana residents and visitors seeking afun entertainment option.

Scheduled to open in December 2018, Blackthorn’s Topgolf Swing Suite will house six (6) high-tech, industry-leading simulators that can be rented for a fun and interactive social gatherings. Each bay will feature comfortable lounge seating, HDTVs and food and beverage service.

“Along with my partners, we are excited to bring one of the top entertainment brands in the country to Michiana,” said Tim Firestone, Blackthorn Operating Group CEO. “Topgolf Swing Suite is a fun and interactive experience that provides many different options for gaming outside of golf. It can be enjoyed by anyone, from kids to adults, making it a true family experience.”

The Topgolf Swing Suite games are designed for both golfers and non-golfers alike. Up to eight people can play, eat, drink and hang out in each bay. The Topgolf Swing Suite can be rented for corporate and social gatherings including birthdays, graduations and bachelor / bachelorette parties (https://youtu.be/OsZW6lBeP1Y).

“We are proud to team up with the Blackthorn Operating Group to provide a new kind of interactive social experience, featuring industry-leading Full Swing Simulators, that will entertain all ages and golfers and non-golfers alike,” said Topgolf Swing Suite President Ron Powers.

Follow Blackthorn’s social media outlets for additional information. Properties with social channels under the Blackthorn Operating Group banner include: The Blarney Hole by Blackthorn, Blackthorn Golf Club, Signal Point Club by Blackthorn and Spirited.

About Blackthorn Operating Group

Formed in 2015, Blackthorn Operating Group is owned by Tim Firestone, Erik Haag and Joe Herbert. The Blackthorn Operating Group is comprised of four distinct venues in Michiana: Blackthorn Golf Club, Blackthorn’s Topgolf Swing Suite, Signal Point by Blackthorn and Spirited, The Blackthorn Operating Group also provides off-premise catering services.

Tim Firestone
Blackthorn Golf Club
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