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"Basketball is my first love, but Topgolf has quickly become one of my favorite hobbies. Having a Topgolf Swing Suite inside State Farm Arena will be incredible for the fans and will add to the already amazing atmosphere at Hawks games."

Kent BazemoreAtlanta Hawks

It's everything you love about Topgolf, in a luxury suite.

Through the premium experience of play, food and beverage and music, Topgolf inspires people of all ages and skill levels to come together for playful competition. The newest extension of Topgolf combines a simulated Topgolf experience with the luxurious atmospheres of hospitality and entertainment venues across the country. Each Topgolf Swing Suite location features a massive screen with a variety of multi-sport games, as well as HDTVs, comfortable lounge seating and food and beverage offerings.

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Topgolf Swing Suite will be coming to entertainment and hospitality venues all over the world in the coming months. View our locations list to find a Topgolf Swing Suite location near you.


What is a Topgolf Swing Suite?

Topgolf Swing Suite is an immersive social experience offering guests a comfy lounge to play and enjoy fantastic food and beverage service. With a massive screen and a selection of exciting virtual games, the Topgolf Swing Suite delivers a one-of-a-kind simulation that's fun for golfers and non-golfers alike.

Fun for all ages and golf
skill levels

Whether you’re an aspiring golf pro or picking up a club for the first time, Topgolf is everyone’s game. It’s fun. It’s competitive. And no experience required.

Play in luxury hospitality and entertainment venues

Each Topgolf Swing Suite features a comfy lounge with fantastic food and drinks. It's a great place to hang out, gather for parties and meetings, or even just work on your swing.

Powered by industry leader Full Swing golf simulators

Topgolf Swing Suite is powered by Full Swing golf simulator technology, the same simulator used by PGA Tour pros Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and Jason Day for off-course practice.


Stay Longer, Play Longer: Increase Revenue while Delighting Your Guests

Topgolf Swing Suite is an ideal “nontraditional space” to add to an existing property or venue. In addition to positive brand association with the Topgolf name, Swing Suite provides an opportunity to generate additional group event sales through food and beverage revenue or ancillary revenue by improving guest retention.

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Topgolf Swing Suite Games

When it comes to play, the possibilities are endless inside Swing Suite. Our interactive simulator offers a variety of golf and non-golf games. Go from smashing a 7-iron to striking out a batter with a fastball in a matter of minutes. It’s all that and more when you step up to the big screen.

Select Game
  1. TopContender
  2. TopPressure
  3. TopChallenge
  4. Baseball Pitching
  5. Zombie Dodgeball
  6. Carnival Classic
  7. Hockey Shots
  8. Quarterback Challenge
  9. Soccer
  1. TopContender

    Modes: Beginner and Advanced

    Take aim at the variety of giant colorful targets in this game of precision and control. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, earn double points galore for shots made in targets further out on the field.

  2. TopPressure

    Modes: Beginner and Advanced

    Golf meets darts in this strategic game of accuracy. Rack up points and climb through the levels as you make shots in every section of either the Yellow or Green target.

  3. TopChallenge

    Modes: Beginner and Advanced

    Simply put: hit your ball as close to the hole as you possibly can. Miss the green or land in the water, and your score will pay the price.

  4. Baseball Pitching

    Modes: Beginner and Advanced

    Take the mound against a team of sluggers looking to destroy your every pitch. Just don’t let them take you deep because it’s the bottom of the 9th and the game is on the line.

  5. Zombie Dodgeball

    Modes: Beginner and Advanced

    A trio of zombie street dancers is looking to bust a move on your face. Defend yourself by hitting them with dodgeballs until time runs out. If more than one zombie reaches the fence, you’re in big trouble. In advanced mode, fend off a mob of zombie clowns!

  6. Carnival Classic

    Modes: Beginner and Advanced

    Pop as many balloons as you can in this fast-paced game of precision. The smaller the balloon, the more points it’s worth. Put up a lot of points, and you’ll be heading to the bonus round, where you can dunk a clown. In advanced mode, break as many plates as you can in this fast-paced game of timing and accuracy.

  7. Hockey Shots

    Modes: Beginner and Advanced

    No need to lace up your skates in this ice rink. Grab a hockey stick and puck then take aim at various targets in the net. You get 8 shots, so make them count! In advanced mode, you get 10 shots at smaller targets in more difficult net locations.

  8. Quarterback Challenge

    Modes: Beginner and Advanced

    Drive down the field against a tough defense looking to stop you from scoring a game-winning touchdown. Your wide receivers are counting on you being a very accurate quarterback. Not that there wasn’t enough pressure already.

  9. Soccer

    Modes: Beginner

    The goal is simple: You get 5 kicks to get the ball past the All-Star keeper and find the back of the net.

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